The Naked Truth

Or making some Greeks fighting in the 'heroic' style, just like on the vases!

A word of caution, if you are at all offended by nudity, then I'd advise you not to read the rest of this blog. I'm also offering a quick comparison with the plastic Ancient Greek sets there are out there (for the Infamous JT!).

Left to right, Wargames Factory, Immortal and Victrix.

Of the three plastic sets, the old Immortal (now Warlord) are the most slender but have the largest shields. The Wargames Factory ones are the largest with Victrix being in the middle.

Top to bottom: Wargames Factory, Immortal and Victrix

The Greeks, like any sensible chaps, wore armour into battle. There may have been the odd ancient warrior, such as the Galatian fanatic, who fought naked.

Oh My!!! Naked Greeks!

The latest game from War Banner, Mortal Gods - Test of Courage, has inspired me to convert some Victrix naked fanatics into heroic Greek warriors.

Fanatics make good heroic Greeks.

The conversion process is relatively simple, just cut away the belt, torcs and bands from the fanatics and add spare Greek heads from Victrix and add shields. Some of the fanatics' spears weapons are usable, others can be gleaned from the Greek sets.

Immortal, Wargames Factory and Victrix Greeks side by side.

And a few pics for Jamie/Infamous JT! Bear in mind the thicker bases of the Victrix models makes them appear taller (by 1mm). You can add a little more basing material to even them out.

Immortal bodies with victrix heads (left) with a Victrix unarmoured Hoplite (right).

If you want to know more about the Ancient Greeks (or ancient Greek armoured archers!), why not pick up a copy of the excellent Ancient Warfare Magazine!

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