The new distributor.

Our Friendly Local Games Store (FLGS), The Guild of Gamers has started stocking Warlord Games, good news indeed. I’ve know the proprietor for a ‘few’ years and am really glad Jay’s project is really coming to fruition. More historical wargamers is always good and having a local shop to buy it from is a bonus. There have been some ‘unusual’ side effects locally too. 

Poldercon Bolt Action

I have a friend called James O, who would never look at World War 2. Anything later than 1815 would somehow leave him cold - despite my best and deviously persuasive efforts. I could get him playing Lion Rampant or Black Powder with ease. Beyond that - forget it! I almost managed to get him playing A Very British Civil War as he painted up a unit of Gripping Beast ‘morris dancers’, which appealed to him, as he was one himself. That’s as far as he’d go…

Podercon Bolt Action

Imagine my surprise, no, amazement when last Wednesday James turned up with a Bolt Action starter set… Impossible? Yet, it happened! He said he wanted to support The Guild of Gamers (our FLGS) and what better way than getting an army for the new game in town. Predictably, James went with the ‘cool kids’ with the snazzy gear (you guessed it, Germans with assault rifles). I did quiz James on this and he told me that he wanted a good army as play was likely to be ‘competitive’ at the store… Fair enough, I can live with that…   

Scratch one cat!

So it looks like Bolt Action is going be played locally - again. I had tried on several occasions to light the flame (older readers may remember our ‘Project Platoon’ from a few years back) but now I find the flame lit for me. All I have to do is fan the flames further. James has gone German and will probably add a ‘Schutzstaffel’ flavour to it (he’s already asking about collar insignia - sigh!). Mal (another local gamer) is looking at British and we have Pat and other gamers looking at collecting armies. That leaves me with some interesting choices. I already have sizeable British and German collections, so what side should I do for the game? Or should I be lazy and not collect another army? (But how boring would that be???)


I’ve decided to go with Americans, specifically United States infantry. I have a selection of vehicles for them and the infantry (more after swaps with James) and they have a good selection of vehicles and equipment. I can take vehicles which can take on the German’s ‘cats’ and have overwhelming airpower. They even have a decent selection of machineguns, what’s not to like? The first game’s tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how we get on…

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