The Prussian Army Assembles

As regular readers will know, we’ve been slowly building the armies we need to play the battle of Ligny for the 200th anniversary. My Prussians are now coming together into full sized units alongside my existing French. On the day I plan to field at least a dozen Prussian line battalions, half a dozen Landwehr battalions and nearly a dozen French to match them. This will include supporting cavalry and artillery. The miniatures used are Perry, Foundry and HaT with the occasional Calpe. The Landwehr (not shown) are Warlord, Calpe and Foundry.

Based so far, approx 160 Prussians.

The units I have gone for were the ones based around the fighting at Ligny. Each Prussian line ‘battalion’ of 24 men represents one battalion of a regiment, so typically each regiment will be 3 battalions strong, one of which will serve as a Fusilier battalion. I’ve gone for the 19th Prussian Regiment (with pink or rose collars and cuffs), the 26th Prussian Regiment (with blue collars and cuffs) and the 13th Prussian Regiment (yellow collars and cuffs). I have a 4th which currently has white cuffs and collars ready to be painted to whichever units we need or can be fielded as a regiment like the 2nd Prussian (you guessed it, all white cuffs and collars!).

Close up of the units. Some touch up work and basing to finish.

I’d like to do the 12th and 24th Regiments for a little variety - the 12th had some former French uniforms. Sadly the 28th and 29th Regiments have gone. I’d have liked some white uniforms of the Berg battalions mixed with greatcoats. Still there’s the 30th and 31st, who wore green Russian uniforms! But let’s not get carried away - I need to stick to a plan and keep to it. Thus I’ve taken a step back to get some form of cohesion in my choices instead of picking ‘pretty’ units almost at random. I’ve decided from now on to go for units in specific brigades. So the 13th and 19th Prussian Line Regiments along with the 4th Landwehr Infantry Regiment of Westphalia and the 15th Infantry artillery battery make up the 4th Brigade of the 1st Corps. So I will field the 4th Corps!

Osprey’s The Prussian Army of the Lower Rhine 1815 has been very inspirational. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in Ligny, Wavre or Waterloo. Another excellent resource is the Centjours Uniform web site, which includes uniforms for every unit in the Hundred Days campaign. 

The big box of extras waiting to be based.

Despite having over 300 Prussians done, there’s plenty to do. I must thank David Davies who has helped paint the majority of my Prussian army, allowing me to get on with the important job of editing WSS. If you’re reading this Dave, you’ve done an excellent job mate and made our dream for Ligny a reality. Thank you mate.

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