This week in wargaming at WSS

Another week over, another week of wargaming!

Guy: This week has been crazy busy for me. Deadlines are looming and WSS needs to be ready for Salute. However I’ve still found time to do a little wargaming hobby ‘stuff’. I’ve been basing up my Prussians for Ligny. I now have the 19th, 26th and 13th Regiments of Prussian line ready for the table. I have an additional two regiments to go plus Landwehr and cavalry to finish. This gargantuan task would not have been possible without the help of Dave Davies who has done the majority of the painting for me. I’ll cover my preparations in an upcoming blog. 

On Wednesday I introduced some of my local players to Battlegroup Kursk. It was quite amusing to see them advance their tanks ‘bumper to bumper’ and slug it out in a massive war of attrition. When the tanks dwindled, they finally managed to use tactics, discovered cover and the balance shifted into more of a game of cat and mouse. The Germans were winning at first, destroying all but two T34s from a T34 company, but then were swamped by a T70 company. Everyone enjoyed their game and I think I won some more converts to historical gaming. Tonight I dust off my ancient Greeks and my copy of Warhammer Ancient Battles… It’s been a while old friend…

Mark: Another busy week here too! On Saturday the sun was shining, so it was time for making more terrain. I had some blank 2’ x 2’ polystyrene tiles and some old towel that I had dyed green. A rather messy PVA glueing session ensued and I had some rather nice looking tiles to fit in with my others. I left some areas of the tiles plain and used PVA glue and sharp sand on them to make dirt tracks. Once dry, they had a covering of coffee coloured paint and were dry-brushed in creams for a chalky down land effect. Thin strips of towelling were used to create a worn track effect as if from repeated use by a cart or car. The towelling was then dry-brushed with light browns, yellows and creams to merge it to the shades on my earlier tiles. It hasn’t quite worked and probably needs some airbrushing to blend in the two sides better. Oh well!

 I also managed to get an article for Guy finished on the 100 Years War. Phew! I also squeezed in the time for a game of Crescent and Cross which was postponed from last week. We played Spanish v Moors. I played the Moors and lost quite badly. At the club we have played the match up several times and the Moors have really struggled! Any advice or suggestions would be most welcome. Those Spanish jinetes are a nuisance!

Christy: I don’t also want to complain about being busy, but as for wargaming, I’ve been mostly working on laying out the next issue of WSS. I did finish that GI from the Vietnam War for my Youtube channel of course and I’ll be working on a Late Roman one this weekend, but that’s really about it. 

Jasper: I’ve been quite distracted with the Ancient History Magazine Kickstarter this week, but as I said last week, my interest in the AWI has gotten a great boost from the Black Powder battle we organised earlier this month. So I’ve been putting together new units (don’t you just enjoy sorting figures for units so they’re just right?) and I finished a base of British and Provincial infantry. Fairly modest, but then I’m quite a slow painter. No doubt I’ll be using that excuse some more… Also this week, Christy tagged me on Facebook to post at least three photos of my minis for five days in a row. It’s actually kinda fun to do and I was surprised to see the response to a unit of Prince August 25mm Scots I painted two decades ago. That’s where it all started for me, and true, they certainly have their own charm.

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