Too many Brigs? Part 2

In my last blog, I discussed the possible conversion possibilities of the Warlord Games Black Seas plastic Brig. If you've bought the boxed set, received a freebie and/or got a fleet set, you'll have quite a few of these models and probably a few spare.

Brig vs Sloop of War

The basic brig model is very versatile. I've cut mine in half in order to make two unique vessels. I'm still working on my Xebec, now christened the Zubian (thanks Andrew!), so I thought I'd give a quick update on the other conversions I'm doing.

Two brigs cut in half.

I am very pleased with the schooner conversion, using the two smaller sections of hull. My vessel is loosely based on HMS Pickle, a commercial topsail schooner used by the Royal Navy, but typical of Baltic schooners and similar ships.

One big hull and one small hull.

I cut the second brig mast down and then fitted a longer boon arm, using plastic from a spare 28mm spear. I plan to use the standard sails.

Two schooners from two shortened hulls.

The second conversion is for a Sloop of War, a three masted ship which was a sort of pocket-frigate. These vessels were used by the fledgling US and proved superior to Royal Navy brigs, as shown in the sinking of HMS Reindeer and the sinking of HMS Avon.

The longer sections made into a Sloop of War.

This was made from the two larger hull sections, attached together with a little plasticard, as I accidentally cut too much off in conversion. Again, the standard brig masts were used.

Schooner and Sloop fo War side by side.

I think the plastic brig model is very versatile and has plenty of conversion potential. Hopefully I'll have time to finish my xebec. Whatever you do with your models, have fun! Now onto painting...

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