Unboxing 7TV - 2nd Edition

Guess what we’ve received for review? The second edition of 7TV! For those unaquainted with the rules, it’s a system that allows players to recreate a typical TV adventure series of the ’60s and ’70s complete with dashing heroes and sidekicks versus diabolical villans and their minions. Gone is the hardback rule-book, instead there’s now a box…

The box cover.

 The game comes is a sturdy box - which is most welcome. This box however feels like it’ll last. Now what’s inside?

The opened box.

Inside there is everything you need to play your first game of 7TV. In fact, a box is exactly what you need to store the cards and dice for the game. The original game could be run without the former, but it’s so much easier to have printed cards with the character stats, gadgets or event cards directly to hand. There is also a fair bit of room in the box to put supplements or extra cards for the game. 

Unpacked box contents.

In the box, you get two guides to playing the game, countdown cards & unit cards, six dice, wound and status markers plus a nifty looking template. The status markers are most useful to mark if a character is dominated, stunned, weakened, wounded or on fire(!).

The vast selection of cards in the game.

The cards are full colour and double sided. Extra cards are provided in case players want to take the same character archetype.   

Sample pages fron the books.

The core Director’s guide lays out the actual game rules while the producer’s guide lists the factions that might appear in the TV show you produce. As a lot of the data is on the cards, there is no need to reproduce that information in the two books. Overall the 2nd edition of 7TV looks streamlined. How does it play? You’ll have to wait until our review in the next issue of WS&S


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