Unboxing Band of Brothers - Bolt Action 2

Warlord Games are due to start shipping their new Bolt Action starter set this week. A few sets were available at Colours this weekend, so I picked up a box to see what the new rules were like and to get some of the new plastic American paratroops. I wanted to see them in the flesh.

Band of Brothers box cover.

The box itself is crammed full to the brim with rules, dice, templates, bases, 24 US Paras (on four sprues), 12 Panzer grenadiers (on two sprues), a German Half Track complete with transfers and some scenery - in the form of a ruined farmhouse to fight over. Instruction leaflets are provided for the construction of the troops and the vehicle.

The troops in the box. A LOT! 🙂

Inside there is a useful sixteen page introduction booklet, which gives a brief background to the two combatants in the box plus a step by step introduction to the rules. Then, of course, there’s the 2nd edition Bolt Action book itself. It’s a slightly smaller print version (about 3/4ths the size of the standard Osprey book) with all new pictures and layout. Two quick reference play sheets are provided (one on the back of the instruction booklet).

Bolt Action 2 book plus introduction booklet.

The new templates and markers are interesting. The gaps allow you to see through the template to see what’s caught underneath - which makes sense to me. Now what’s all this fuss about templates? Reading the cool new rules, the addition of templates does make indirect HE fire less lethal, not more. I particularly like the explosion markers for pinning, although the numbering on the bases is a little small, so I bought some more and use them to mark individual hits. 

The new templates and markers.

What of the new US Paras? They do look very nice and come with a good selection of arms and over 15 different heads. Weapons include the M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, Thompson SMG, BAR (for glider troops) and an M1919A6 LMG. There’s even a carrier pigeon to signal the Rangers! 

The US Paras sprue.

The finished Paras look very good. The German Panzergrendiers are also cool, the sprues are not new though, but hail from Warlord’s latest plastic German release. Both are easy to assemble. 

The finished paras.Cool huh?

This is a great value set, which I’m very pleased to have picked up. There two good starter forces, a bit of terrain plus the new rules. Of course, the contents suffice for a quick game, but if you’re like me, you’ll be thinking about where to take your forces next. Perhaps some anti-tank support for the Paras? Or perhaps a shiny Panzer IV for the Germans? Hmm…

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