Unboxing The Great War

WSS received the Command and Colours boxed set last week, the review we planned was slightly delayed by the editor being struck down with a bad case of the flu! My girlfriend reliably informs me it was ‘just a cold’… This is a review copy, so we didn’t get any of the Kickstarter extras - all we needed was the basic game to review. I personally have not played Command and Colours but Jasper had good things to say about C&C Ancients he played. So let’s look at the box… 

Box CoverThe artwork is attractive and the box substantial, its a solid games box. Next, let’s take a peek inside…

Neatly packed box.

Neatly packed inside are the rules, a double sided fold out battle board, 6 frames of miniatures (three British and three German), sets of dice, cards and counters. 

The contents. 

All the pieces are of good quality. I particularly liked the extra plastic bags provided to put all the little bits in!

British Soldier sprue

Now onto the sprues themselves. The British are moulded in brown plastic and consist of 17 riflemen , one mortar and one Vickers HMG per sprue. There are a few repeated poses but otherwise there’s a very good variety. While primarily counters for the game, these are nice 15mm models which would be good on any Great War 15mm table. 

German soldier sprue.

The Germans are in a nice grey plastic. They have the same number of models as the British, namely 17 riflemen, one mortar and one HMG per sprue.

The board and counters.The boards, cards and counters are all very nice. The cards are pretty sturdy but I’d aim at getting card protectors just out of habit. But how does it play? Well, I haven’t had a game yet! I’ve had a quick read through the rules and everything seems to be laid out neatly and makes sense. Once the flu has cleared then I’ll give it a go and you’ll see a full report in the September WSS (number 80, as we’ve just missed WSS 79). 

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