Warbases 28mm Stable

Warbases is a company which (as the name suggests) provides bases for the discerning wargamer. They have recently started a range of buildings cut from 2mm MDF. The one reviewed this issue is the Stable.

The model is very well cut, probably we’d say by computer. Every single bit fitted together exceptionally well. Construction was described by our reviewer as ‘easy peasy’ to stick it together. What you get is a very robust building with the very slight smell of wood smoke. The roof needs a little attention, being blank, but gamers can add their own tiles or thatch to taste. Also included in the range is a set of buildings intended for the 1938 ‘Very British Civil War’ including terraced houses, a pub and a general store. However these building will be suitable for numerous other settings. The timber stable retails for £6 and the buildings for £12. These it must be said are very good prices! This looks like the beginning of a very interesting range.


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