WSS Needs You!

I’d like your help. We have a new concept for the end of the magazine but we need to make this good idea something more solid. I think we can do it with the help of you, the reader.

The idea is to have a column called Parting Shots…

…on page 82 of the magazine (the page before the back cover). This would be a page to post (short) stories as well as hints and tips for wargamers. It would also include a comic strip, a first for WSS.

WSS originally had a news section but this became pretty redundant, because by the time it was written, it had already become ‘old news’. That is the nature of publishing. Most gamers get their news via the internet and that was always going to be faster than something written one to two months prior to publication. However there have always been times that we’d like to say a little more in the magazine or had bits which weren’t quite going to stretch to a full article. The only place for such items was the editorial – and I usually have enough to say! (Insert remarks here for those who know me personally…)

We like to philosophize about what we could do to make WS&S more interesting. Just after my latest visit, Christy (she of our Youtube painting videos) came up with the idea of having a ‘tips’ column at the end of the magazine, the last few bits you can read during a quick visit to the, errrr, powder room. Interpret the title ‘Parting shots’ however you will, but the idea is to have an exchange for quick ideas, funny (hopefully) ‘war’ stories and for sharing hints and tips with fellow wargamers. 

The new comic, ‘Dicing with Dai’ is written by the talented Steve Beckett, who is a long term fan of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. Steve has been in such titles as The Beano and the Kerrang Komik

If there’s a subject you’d like Steve to cover, drop us a line!


Sorry you’ll just have to wait until Salute to see how good Steve’s new strip is. 

We want you!

So what happens now? We’d like you the reader to contribute. If you have a funny story or a cool idea (it needs to be only 100-150 words) for this new section, please submit them either by message on our Facebook site or via my email address. It won’t make you rich, but it might make you famous and you’ll certainly get a free copy of the issue in which your idea is published!

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