The Great Wargaming Survey 2022 begins!

The 2022 edition of the Great Wargaming Survey has begun! It takes only takes a little time, and allows you to find out about yourself, about your hobby and, in the end, about all of us wargamers! As always, there are prizes to be raffled, a discount coupon for everyone, as well as some sample articles to read. 

Take the Great Wargaming Survey 2022!


Thank u

Kotramangala dileep

Historical miniature wargamer

Floyd P Zollars

Completed as per usual. Having a background in sociology it does seem like the survey would be improved by gathering data on race and income. You do collect data on gender, education (although you don’t have an option for primary or no formal education), and age, so it would I think be an excellent addition to next year and following surveys.


Hi Joe
No, there isn’t. Moreover, we don’t ask about race and income, so that data simply doesn’t exist.

Jasper Oorthuys

Is there a way to see the full results from last year? I couldn’t find the demographics data in your post-survey analyses. I’d like to see simple longitudinal data on the age, race, income, etc of war gamers.

Joe Procopio

All done!

Ian Francis

Here we go!

Steven Barber

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