WSS 119 Irregular

Our irregular column of WS&S 119 features an article by Joseph A. McCullough, the author of Frostgrave, Stargrave, The Silver Bayonet and Ragers of Shadowdeep. We did not have space to print the photographs Joe referred to, not without cutting out huge chunks of his article. So, we've decided to post Joe's pictures here:

Here's Joe painting at his desk in 1990.


Joe reading a copy of the July 1990 Dragon Magazine.


You can read the Irregular in our next issue. Click here for more information:


Great stuff! I was looking for an image in the magazine as I was reading the article and I so wanted to see the photo. Glad for the link!

Good stuff, Joe. Really loved the article and brings me back to my own boyhood. Happy gaming and painting!


Luke Z

Hi Joe, I loved this article in WS&S and the photo, it seemed to pretty much mirror my growing up….only in the north east of England not the American south…using the oil based paints and turpentine, not getting as many miniatures as I would want and painting very last one that I could get! My brother and I even made our own rules based on 2 sets of 1:72 airfix romans and barbarians. I know what you mean when you mean when you say about so called golden age….but I’ve been buying some late 80s early 90s white dwarf ….I would give anything to browse thru the rows of blister packs of metal miniatures again (and I’m not even going to mention the prices!!) A great photo and a great article thank you. Steve


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