Rubicon Soviet Infantry

Rubicon Models have sent us samples of their new metal World War 2 Soviet Infantry.

We had a request on Twitter to show pictures of the infantry. I hope the following will be informative. Are the actual models as good as the 3D images we've all seen? I think the answer is yes, they are.

The composition of a Rubicon soldier.

Up until now, Rubicon's work has been in plastic. The new releases are in pewter metal and as such, the figures have a crisp, fine detail to them.

The models slot together very well.

The figures come as kits, so you need to add the head, arms and (in some cases) the entrenching tool. They fit together very well and can be assembled easily - if you follow the clear instructions. The detailing is very good.

The infantry packs come with bases.

Size wise, these are mid-ranged 28mm, with realistic proportions and realistic sized weapons. The infantry models have lugs in the soles of their feet and are attached to the bases by drilling holes in the special bases. This was very easy to do, so sounds harder than it was.

Tank riders.

The sets consist of tank riders and infantry in various poses (shooting, running, throwing grenades). The packs are typically priced at £4.50 for three miniatures. Nice!

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