Unboxing Blood on the Aventine.

Blood on the Aventine is the new scenario starter set for Gangs of Rome. It gives you everything you need to start playing, including miniatures, rules, dice, markers and even MDF scenery.

The set contains six gangers with their cards, jigsaw bases, coins and dice, plus one 'Incola' character and card (a special NPC character - a Gaul worker who will throw tiles at gangers who get too close to his temple!).

Inside the box is an MDF temple, a copy of the main rulebook with a special scenario. There is also the all-important gang cards and Denarii coin markers with cards.

The miniatures are great and well detailed. They come as single piece models - the standard Gangs of Rome miniatures come with a selection of heads and weapons - but then have to be glued together. Size is 28mm 'foot to eye' or 31mm tall.

The set contains some exclusive items, such as the Gaul and four unique Denarii coins. Their inclusion makes the set interesting to both old and new players alike.

Given this set retails at only £35, you get a lot for your money. The six figures are enough to run two small gangs. The excellent scenery is just the icing on the cake of this great set.



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