Regular readers of my blog will recall the name Sandskrieg by John Sandars. I've mentioned him before. His book, An Introduction to Wargaming certainly did what it said on the cover. It brought me into tabletop gaming, and specifically an interest in the War in the Desert. when I was younger, I collected a vast range in 20mm, but they were thrown away by my father (I like to think accidentally).

Wargaming in a sandbox, circa 1975!

In my last blog, I mentioned that I was growing a little tired of the 'same old' World War Two 'uber' gaming (or maybe I just need a stiffer backbone). I find myself yearning for something more, or rather something less. I've been meaning to replace my original 20mm Desert Rats and Afrika Korps in a new scale and seeing amazing work like Steve Perry's has just ignited that passion further.

I think 28mm will end up being my chosen scale, although I may do it in 15mm too (darn it Battlefront, and your nice new releases!). I plan on using Sandskrieg as my inspiration and a loose guide to what to collect. I've been hoarding the odd piece for a while.

Inspiration from 'An Introduction to Wargaming'

In my next blog, I'll discuss my first careful steps into collecting this new period. I always like to have a play, particularly with plastic models, so you can expect the usual conversions!

2 thoughts on “Sandskrieg”

  • David Bradley

    I knew John Sandars back in the 1970s and his conversion work on Airfix and Minitanks models was amazing. Most WWII wargame rules these days aim at platoon/company level actions but John scaled down his units so that he could deploy larger formations such as brigades, even divisions.

  • Don Bailey

    My thought is that a commander would not immediately know precisely the effect of fire on his troops — only later will reports come in as to the actual casualties. Till then, the unit would just feel intermediate effects such as suppression and retreats. Sorry for the multiple emails. Experiencing some technical difficulties.

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