Autumn of Perseus recap

Nearly a month ago, I started my series of blog posts on the ancient Greek hero Perseus, the great grandfather of the mighty Heracles, and probably one of the earliest heroes from Greek mythology. Here’s an overview of all the relevant blog posts in this series:

While Perseus is perhaps not as well-known as Heracles nowadays, I am surprised by the impact he has nevertheless had on popular culture. And unlike Heracles, there’s at least one accessible piece of modern media that is also accurate with regards to the original myth, namely the episode on Perseus that was part of the Jim Henson Company’s mini-series, The Storyteller: Greek Myths.

But all stories come to an end and so must this series of blog posts. I hope you enjoyed reading these articles and, as always, feel free to leave your comments below or send them to me via email.

At the end of my ‘Summer of Hercules’, I promised to do a shorter series on another hero. I am happy to announce – and I hope you’ll be happy, too! – that I will be doing a short “Week of Theseus” in the week of December 14th, before we all go on holidays and whatnot. There’s some interesting ground to cover with Theseus, such as his fight with the Minotaur, the parallels with Heracles, the political context of Theseus within Athens, and the fascinatingly strange movie Immortals (2011).

Until next time!

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