Help test the webshop!

Every six to nine months, we like to have our webshop tested by users to see if it all works as we hope it does. There’s nothing like letting users loose on your shop and providing feedback. It’s much more effective than checking logs and other data. To make it attractive to help us out, there’s a nice quid pro quo: provide feedback, get a magazine for free! 

Here’s the deal:

  • Use the webshop extensively: browse around, use the search, add products to your cart, remove them again, go through checkout as guest or with your account. It’s not necessary to actually purchase something - we don’t mind of course, and it’s the best way to test. I’d be happy to refund any test purchases as well. If you don’t want to do that, that’s good too. Just go through the entire process and stop at clicking ‘Place order’. 
  • Then send me an email ( with your findings. Was anything unclear? Awkward? Couldn’t find something? And especially: did you find any broken links? Did something not work? Did the system stop you from making your purchase at any point? Please also include the system you are using (desktop/tablet/phone), the operating system and the browser.
  • Please include which magazine you’d like. I’ll make sure you get the next copy, or that your sub is extended with an issue.
  • If you’ve helped us test the shop before we’re really grateful, but I’m sorry: people who have less or no experience with our system are more useful.
  • Once I have 25 qualified reports, I’ll take this blog down.

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