Medieval World in 2024

Happy New Year to all! 

2023 was an exciting year for Medieval World: Culture & Conflict, but we have even more engaging themes in the works for the year ahead! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the upcoming themes, and solicit proposals (if you or someone you know may be interested in contributing to the magazine)!

MWCC.11 will look at the reign of Charles IV (r. 26 August 1346–29 November 1378), who was Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, touching on his impact on the political and cultural history of his realm and Prague in particular. 

MWCC.12 will explore games and festivals in the Middle Ages, highlighting the range of fun and leisurely activities that the elite and common people engaged in.

MWCC.13 intends to focus on the significant year 1492 - which, by the way, was a leap year, just like 2024. The issue would cover not only the travels of Christopher Columbus, the fall of Granada, and the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, but also the anticipated end of the world among Eastern Christians, the first Papal conclave held in the Sistine Chapel, and the impact of other key historical figures, like Casimir IV Jagiellon.

MWCC.14  will touch on the theme of trade and conflict in the Baltic region, focusing attention on the cultural, economic, and diplomatic activities of special brotherhoods - like the Livonian Brothers of the Sword and the Brotherhood of the Blackheads - as well as conflicts like the Anglo-Hanseatic war. 

MWCC.15 will explore the history and new rebuilding efforts at Notre-Dame de Paris - the famous Gothic cathedral on Île de la Cité that was most recently destroyed in the fire of 2019. The cathedral is expected to reopen at the end of 2024! 

These themes are still being developed, so if you have suggestions or proposals for any of them, please be in touch. And check back for updates to the lineup on our Editorial Plan page

I hope you will continue to enjoy the magazine and share it with family, friends, and colleagues. If you have a subscription, you can expect to receive the magazine in your inbox or mailbox every two months - happy reading! 

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