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Do you like Medieval Warfare and do you like books? Then I have good news for you. As you may know there are some book reviews at the end of every issue of Medieval Warfare. At the moment, I have a huge pile of books on my desk, so many that there’s almost no room for me to work. Now, I could steal some room from my colleague’s desk, but there is probably a better way to solve this problem without annoying Josho (editor of Ancient Warfare):  I’m looking for people who want to review them.

I figure you might like to know which books I’m talking about, so here is a list of all the titles:

  • The Bayeux Tapetry – Mrs Sylvette Lemagnen (about the Bayeux Tapestry)
  • William, Bastard and conqueror – Mr. Jean-Fanϛois MINIAC and illustrated by Borja Pena (a graphic novel about William the Conqueror)
  • How to shoot the longbow – Hugh D.H. Soar and Veronica-Mae Soar (a history about the longbow and how it about the exact manner of shooting)
  • Great battles, Agincourt – Anne Curry (about the battle of Agincourt and how it was remembered and fought)
  • Kill them all, Cathars and carnage in the Albigensian Crusade – Sean McGlynn (Militairy history about the Albigensian Crusade against the cathars)
  • Pocket Giants: Alfred the Great – Barbara Yorke (a search for the real Alfred the Great, the first English king whose biography survived.)
  • Early ships and seafaring. Water transport Beyond Europe – Sean McGrail (a study about medieval seafaring in Europe, Egypt, Australia, Arabia, India, South-East Asia and the Americas)
  • Medieval Maritime Warfare – Charles D. Stanton (an account of medieval warfare at sea)
  • Byzantium, a very short introduction – Peter Sarris (a summary about the history of Byzantium)
  • The Norman Commanders, masters of warfare 911-1135 – Paul Hill ( a series of historical portraits of the great Norman Commanders like William the Conquer, the most important battle and an account of Norman warfare)

Do you know your medieval warfare and do you want to write a review (400-600 words) about one of those books? Send me an email and I’ll send you the book. I’ll expect a review within two months of receipt. In return you can keep the copy and we’ll send you a copy of the issue with the review for free. In short: read a book, write about it and get a book and a copy of Medieval Warfare for free!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you (and to fitting at my desk again). By the way, have you voted on the themes for 2016 yet?

See you next time,


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