News and updates 29 August 2014

For this week’s update, we’d first like to focus on our new upcoming website, which will be in use within a few weeks from today. We are very busy working on transferring all the information, so this will be a rather short blog. The new website gives Medieval Warfare a fresh face, and should be more comprehensive for our users (as well as the administrators). Here´s a quick preview of how the website will look like.

For those of you who haven’t done so, make sure to vote on the poll for the themes of Volume V. I have given a quick update in the news post of last week, and so far, not much has changed in the ranking, despite the higher number of voters. 


Richard the Lionheart- For our Spanish speaking readers, don’t miss the first episode of the third season of the Spanish TV series “Isabel” (the Catholic) on Monday 1 September on RTVE 1. For more information, click here

- Also make sure to check out Mike Loades’ comment on the recent Richard III documentary, which can be found here

- In 1192, on 2 September, Richard I the Lionheart of England signed the Treaty of Jaffa along with the Ayyubid Sultan Saladin. The treaty effectively ended the Third Crusade, which saw the Christian powers (and most notably Richard) taking back several territories lost to Saladin after the Battle of Hattin. Richards endeavours in the Mediterranean, including his capture of Sicily, Cyprus, Acre and the Battle of Arsuf, is the theme of our upcoming issue IV.5 (published end of September). Keep an eye out for the pre-order. As a teaser, here’s the cover of the issue.

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