Themes for Volume VI (2016)

As you may remember I opened a poll to vote for next year’s themes  for MW last month. I asked all of you to vote on a selection of your suggestions (and a few of my personal favorites, I admit). Long live democracy!

And vote you did with almost 600 responses in total. Below is the final list; I had to be a bit of a dictator though (it’s good to be the king!), and I changed the order a bit to create enough diversity.

  • VI-3: Byzantine-Sassanid wars.
  • VI-4: Norman invasion of Ireland
  • VI-5: Warrior orders of the Middle Ages
  • VI-6: Bauernkrieg: Nobles vs. Peasants

Now that the themes are established, it is time for the next step. And again, you can contribute to MW. As much as I would like to, I can’t (/ shouldn’t / am not allowed to) fill these magazines on my own. If you have contributed to Medieval Warfare before, you know the drill and I’d love to hear from you. Moreover, I want to give as many writers the opportunity to get published as possible. Yes, I’m looking for new writers for Medieval Warfare. This means the following: Are you, or do you know someone who is, knowledgeable about medieval history and especially medieval military history, and would you like to write for a magazine read worldwide? How about you put a proposal on paper and send it to me? It doesn’t have to be about one of the themes listed above (though obviously, it helps), it can be a non-theme article as well. If you want to know more about what we expect from our writers and what your proposal should look like, check out our guidelines!

I’m eager to read your proposals. Good luck writing!


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