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Dirk’s last, my first, and your next issue is at the printer’s right now. Because of the switch in staff, this issue marks a turning point for Karwansaray Publishers. As history has several of these, this issue’s theme couldn’t fit better. The caliphate of Córdoba marked an era of prosperity after turmoil, as you can read in the article by Erich Anderson. It was the time when important literary works, like Abd Rabbihi’s The Divine Necklace, were written. In Murray Dahm’s article, you can read what the importance of such literature was for both the image of the caliph as for Córdoba’s politics.

But the end of the caliphate marked a turning point as well. Córdoba also meant the rise of Alamanzor and the battle of Torrevicente, which are all featured in next issue in articles by Mabel Villagra & Sidney Dean and Carlos Domingues. The meaning of the title of caliph changed with this caliphate and so did ‘the empire.’ Eventually it ceased to exist. If we’re continuing the allegory, I hope this won’t happen to Medieval Warfare for a long time though.

Beside Córdoba, V-4 features an article by Scott Farrell about mysterious swords, and a tour around Assassin castles, written by Dr. Konstantin Nossov. Maybe an idea for the remainder of the summer vacation or another holiday? Finally, you can choose sides for either Sparta or Athens in the ‘War of the Euboeote succession’ described in Filippo Donvito’s article. So I’m sure there is enough to read besides the goings-on of the caliphate of Córdoba as well.

You can pre-order Medieval Warfare V-4 in our webshop now, or subscribe to make sure you get every issue. I enjoyed finishing it and it means a lot to me, being it my first issue and all. I hope you’ll like it as much as I did finishing it. 

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