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As the Editor of WS&S, I am fortunate to play many different games, which means learning a variety of systems. Jasper (my boss) suggested that I should expand my blogging, as judging by the last blog or two, readers might think I only played Bolt Action or Gates of Antares.

The table set-up.

Like a true gaming polymath (or more accurately wargaming butterfly), I play a LOT of different games. I don't write about all of them, and in hindsight maybe I should...

I like a cool looking play area.

So let me rectify this and tell you about the cracking game we played last Friday. My friend Rossco hadn't played What a Tanker, so I thought I should introduce him to this fun game. He took a Panther, Panzer IV and a Stug IV. I took Fury (M4A3E8) and two M4 76mm Shermans.

Rossco's luck! A flank 'kill' on the Sherman 76mm.

The game opened with both of us manoeuvering into position. On my left, the Sherman 76mm duelled with the Panther. A lucky hit damaged the tracks followed by a second hit, which blew the track off. The middle Panzer IV stalled, so I moved my second 76mm to tackle the Panther. That proved a mistake as the Panzer woke up and hit me with a devastating flank shot.

Nine dice and only a single save for Fury...

Meanwhile, Fury duelled with the Stug. Confident with his thick armour, Bradd Pitt confidently shot at the Stug, expecting an easy kill. To no effect, as the shots missed or did no damage! The Stug returned fire and found a gap in the armour... BOOM! Bye bye Fury!

I now had one tank operating. While it had crippled the Panther, I still had two foes to finish. The Panzer IV started closing so I decided on a bold strategy, drive out and shoot at point blank range!

B****r me, a double one!

Of course, that's the time I rolled a double one, ending my turn and leaving my tank unloaded. The Panzer IV fired back, damaging the Sherman 76mm. At this point, I raised the white flag. Rossco had won by a large margin. We had a fun game and as I stated in my last blog, I'd forgotten about my stresses and woes for an hour or two at least.

15mm tanks from Battlefront FOW and Forged in Battle.

Mat from Cigar Box Battles.

Buildings from 4Ground.

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