Arrows needed for Parting Shots!

Regular readers will be familiar with Parting Shots the final editorial page of every issue of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy. This is where we share hints and tips provided by our readers. It can be quite a challenge finding ever more new and innovative hints for every issue, so I decided it was high time to draw attention to this section. 

Parting shots column from WS&S 80.

We have had a number of very useful tips. There’s Chris Payne’s quest for the ultimate paint stripper - Dettol is currently winning this challenge. Steve Jones brought us a quick, easy and very effective way to base our miniatures, which is so good it might have cured the editor’s phobia of basing. And then who can forget Colin Farrant’s useful pointers for improving the look of MDF buildings?

Do you know a better paint stripper for miniatures?

Well, we are always hungry for more ideas for Parting Shots. Do you have a secret painting technique? A way to keep brushes clean? A novel gaming idea? If you have a hint or tip for us to do with wargaming or modelling, please drop me a line at

You could be in the next issue of WS&S with your ideas!

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