I am missing Salute…

Salute 2020 should have been today. The show is undoubtedly one of my favourites and one I have attended every year since 1991. I've never missed a single one until now.

Today would have been a hectic day of meeting people, talking with both fans of the magazine and wargames traders (thankfully these two groups overlap considerably). I would have been rushed off my feet but I would have enjoyed every minute of it.

Gringo 40s Tonkin game.

I have a joke I tell at Salute, which is partially true. When I'm asked how my Salute day is going, I say "I heard there was a show on but I haven't seen any of it yet."

Yeah, that joke is getting a little stale, I'll need some new material for 2021. However, it is mostly true, because when I look back at other people's reports on the show I always see games I've missed and I always run out of time trying to see everyone.

Salute is always a time for new releases and for some excellent display games. There's also plenty of opportunities to try out new games. Now, I'm just catching up with my prep work for the next issue of WS&S and tonight I shall be painting. Strange!

Salute, we miss you. Roll on 2021, I'll be there. In the meantime, go out and support the traders!

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