Sandskrieg - Starting my Afrika Korps

And so it begins... Sandskrieg - my World War 2 desert project. I'd always intended to return to North Africa but recent games have inspired me to get this project started (see my previous blogs). I've started with two boxes of Perry Deutsches Afrika Korps (DAK), which I will mix with other ranges.

Time to get out the plastic glue!

Brigade Games and Offensive Minis offer DAK which will fit with the Perrys, as do other companies (namely Foundry, The Assault Group and Battle Honours). Black Tree and Artizan Designs are both very good, but are heroic 28mm in size. For vehicles, I have a preference for plastic, so I'll be using both Rubicon Models and Warlord Games. They will be festooned with plenty of stowage (based on original photographs).

Command, moving MG34 and marksman.

I'm an avid converter of plastic miniatures. I can't help myself, as it expands the number of different poses in my units. I've already started several conversions on the Perry DAK plastics. For the most part, they are slightly smaller than the Warlord plastics, which limits conversions, but that didn't stop me borrowing a scope for my DAK marksman.

DAK riflemen with bayonet and an observer.

I've borrowed the odd item from the Perry British (such as the bayonets for the rifles) and messed about with some of the poses, so I can have spotters and other support teams. The commander was an homage to the old Airfix kit, except I did equip him with an SMG (I can hear the cries of 'power gamer!' already).

DAK MG 34 teams.

I plan to stick to the theoretical order of battle (conveniently supplied in the Perry box) plus the theatre specific list for Bolt Action (Rommel Triumphant, Early 1942). Now I need to spray some undercoat and decide what colours I'm going to paint them. Expect updates in future blogs...

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