The battle of Grolle

Yesterday, Christy and I visited the first day of the weekend-long reenactment of the Battle, or rather Siege, of Grolle (1627) in the Dutch city (as in: has city-rights) of Groenlo (check out the satellite view on Google maps for a nice view of the remaining fortifications). Groenlo is only 30km east of Karwansaray HQ, which makes this event an easy afternoon drive. However, even if it wasn’t, it’s, as the old-fashioned Michelin guide used to say, “worth a detour”. With 56 groups from all over Europe and even from the US, it’s undoubtedly one of the biggest reenactment events for the 17th century. I’ll add Christy’s video of the event here when it’s done, for now, here’s a selection of my photos. Video added below!

Note that WSS and Karwansaray Publishers will not accept any responsibility for new projects as a result of inspiration provided by these photos… 

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