2011 Christmas Special

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TooFatLardies' 2011 Christmas Special contains 120+ pages packed with wargaming goodness: great articles, scenarios and ideas for wargamers, and much more. This PDF includes:

  • The sinking of the Konigsberg. A classic scenario for Bag the Hun
  • On Patrol. A complete pre-game patrol system for I Ain't Been Shot Mum
  • A Brief Affair by Charles Eckart of Colorado. Australian troops attack a German-held Pacific Island in 1914 with Mud & Blood
  • An A to Z of Umpiring. Fat Nick runs through the dos and don'ts of running games. An idiot's guide by the biggest idiot of them all!
  • One-off Battles for Le Feu Sacre. Kev Lowth of Hampshire rolls up some scenarios for a quick game
  • Green Hill Moonshine. Chris Stoesen of Georgia presents this fun scenario for Terrible Sharp Sword.
  • Deadly Pairs. A Bag the Hun scenario for Normandy 1944.
  • Passchendaele, The Bitter Victory. Sidney Roundwood looks at this epic battle and how it shaped the face of warfare.
  • In the Salient. Sid presents three Scenarios for gaming Passchendaele with Through the Mud and the Blood.
  • 6mm LOVES IABSM. Mark Luther of Atlanta tells us why he believes 6mm to be the perfect scale for IABSM
  • Across the Nemen. Mark puts his money where his mouth is with this great Barbarossa scenario. 
  • Messing Around with Boats. Brian Wethersby of Texas presents his thoughts on rating ships for Kiss Me Hardy. 
  • Operation Charnwood. Capturing Caen. The background to this remarkably little-gamed operation.
  • A Fresh & Highly Trained Instrument. A complete Operation Charnwood mini-campaign for I Ain't Been Shot Mum
  • The Capture of Akhalkalak Fortress Chris Stoesen presents this scenario for Sharp Practice set on the borders of Russia and the Ottoman Empire.
  • Tom Ballou of Massachusetts gives us some alternative sniper rules for IABSM.
  • Bridge over the River Urk. Robert Avery of No Fixed Abode heads to the Eastern Front with a Partisan scenario for IABSM.
  • The Roundwood Report. Like a Bat out of Hull, Sidney provides the answers you want to hear, and then some you don't in this incisive interrogation of Lardmeister Richard Clarke. What is the future for TooFatLardies?
  • Get Fondler. With news of his brother's death at the hands of a criminal gang, Richard Fondler heads for Gateshead in this gritty Sharp Practice scenario. Avoid tall buildings!
  • May Madness. Fat Nick is Tail End Charlie with this scenario for Bag the Hun above the Dunkirk perimeter in 1940. Tally Ho!

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