Ancient History Magazine 7

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In this issue we take a look at Nineveh, the last capital of the ancient Assyrians, who were the first to unite the Near East.

Theme:  Nineveh, that great city

  • Radu Alexander, 'A city without rival - The rise and fall of Nineveh'.
  • Andrei Pogacias, 'The palace of King Sennacherib - The wonder of Nineveh'.
  • Sean Manning, 'Counting the words that remain - Survival of the fittest'.
  • Sidney E. Dean, 'Istar of Nineveh - The lady of heaven'.
  • Daan Nijssen, 'A look at the imperial structure of Assyria - Why did Assyria collapse?'.
  • Roel Konijnendijk, 'Xenophon's encounter with the remains of Nineveh - The ruins of empire'.
  • Marc DeSantis, 'Austen Henry Layard and the rediscovery of Nineveh - Discovering Assyria'.


  • Lauren van Zoonen, 'The colossus of Constantine - Superhuman features'.
  • Sara Van Hoecke, 'The death of Hypatia the philosopher - Caught between two religions'.
  • Jona Lendering, 'Fact-check: East versus West - A clash of civilizations'.
  • Maura Andreoni, 'The colorful and intelligent parrot - Birds greeting emperors'.
  • John S. Richardson, 'The Romans in Scotland - Moors and mountains'.
  • Kees Alders, 'The philosophy of the skeptics - Fundamental uncertainty'.
  • Jona Lendering, 'How do scholars reconstruct ancient texts - Texts and trees'.

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