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The Hellenistic world was a myriad of competitive and cooperative relationships as cities, leagues, and monarchs all tried to maintain and expand their positions. These relationships were held together by delicate and dubious diplomacy.

Theme: Diplomacy in the Hellenistic World

  • Owain Williams, 'The basis of Hellenistic diplomacy - Freedom for the Greeks'.
  • Alex McAuley, 'Hellenistic marriage alliances - Weaving the dynastic web'.
  • Owain Williams, 'Celts and Hellenistic propoganda - A threat to Greece'.
  • Emma Nicholson, 'Macedon and the Achaean League - Diplomacy in the Hellenistic world'.
  • Arienne King, 'Caught between Egypt and Rome - Cleopatra'.
  • Stephen Harrison, 'Setting up Seleucid-Mauryan relations - Seleucus, Chandragupta, and Megasthenes'.


  • Jona Lendering, 'When scholarship turns criminal - The Obbink affair'.
  • Becca Gaborek, 'Pre-Roman connectivity and culture - Etruscan amber'.
  • Tim Brinkhof, 'A tale of arson and infamy - The Temple of Artemis'.
  • Sandra Bingham, 'History and origins of Praetorian Guard - A sting in the tail'.
  • Sean Manning, 'Painting and pigments in ancient Egypt - All the reds, blues, and greens'.
  • Philip Matyszak, 'The plight of schoolteachers in Ancient Rome - A profitless profession'.

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