BelloLudi Muskets - Skirmish game 1700-1865

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This ruleset by BelloLudi simulates battles in the period of 1700 to roughly 1865, an age which saw European nations forge empires all over the world and clashing which indiginous peoples and with each other for control over the world. Of central importance is the musket, which allows players to shoot at their opponents from a distance and inflict heavy damage. Wargamers will enjoy this game's dynamic tactics: by clever combinations of movement and shooting, dashing cavalry charges and carefully positioned artillery pieces, victory can be achieved by breaking the enemy's morale. The rules will work for skirmishes in colonial settings, the Franco-Prussian War and other Wars of German Unification, the Balkan Wars, the Spanish-American War, the Boer Wars, the Boxer Rebellion and other conflicts. It will even work for the early engagements of World War One.

BelloLudi Skirmish games are designed for multiplayer battles using a very small amount of miniatures. They are designed to be fast and fun and easy to learn for non-wargamers. The rules also have a core of around a dozen pages with extra rules included. You can start off with only 25 miniatures per side so any box of plastic soldiers will give you more than enough to start playing. As with all BelloLudi games the emphasis is about the decisions you make as a commander. Designed for the beginner with a minimum of miniatures, the rules will allow you to field large armies on the table top and play to a conclusion in two to three hours.


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