Philon and Heron, Artillery and Siegecraft in Antiquity

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A modern translation, including the original Greek, of two engineering treatises from the Hellenistic era. Heron's work is a history of ancient artillery from about 400 BC to about 270 BC. Heron attempts to explain the workings of artillery for the 'intelligent layman'.

  • ISBN 0-89005-561-0
  • 138 pages, plus plates, figures and diagrams
  • Paperback

Until the coming of Demetrius Poliorcetes the walled cities were usually sufficient protection from an invading army. But Demetrius would not let something like a wall prevent him from capturing a place. With this king begins the use of artillery either to breach city walls or even to play havoc among the troops of an advancing enemy.

These two treatises, translated for the first time into English, will be of interest to students of ancient warfare, especially siegecraft. The works contain information on the construction of various siege engines and is accompanied by numerous plates.


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