Squadron Forward (PDF)

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Squadron Forward is a character-based campaign system that allows you to add personality to your WWII aerial games.

Squadron Forward focusses on the characters within your force. Its three sections allow the gamer to generate characters, to generate a range of scenarios, and follow their force through a range of missions with a broad selection of events that can affect their performance in combat and interaction with other characters in a campaign setting.

This is the perfect addition to solo games as the dynamic system presents the player with a hidden enemy and provides a huge variety of potential outcomes, keeping the games interesting and allowing the unexpected to occur.

For full details see the interview with the author on the Lard Island News site: https://toofatlardies.co.uk/962-2/

Squadron Forward is designed to bolt on to whatever set of WWII aerial rules you are using and may be easily adjusted to match your choice of game.


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