The Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies Volume 18 (2017)

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  • Vindolanda Tent III: completing the picture C. van Driel-Murray 1–4
  • The Roman hobnail, finds from the Valais, Switzerland and first steps towards a typology and chronology Marquita Volken 5–26
  • A suggested reconstruction of Vitruvius’ stonethrower: de Architectura X, 11, 4–9 Alan Wilkins 27–50
  • A baldric terminal discovered at the Roman town and fort of Porolissum (Roman Dacia, modern Romania) Bruce Wright, Dan Tamba, and Cristian Găzdac 51–5
  • Some experiments with pila D. Sim and M. C. Bishop 57–62

ROMEC XVIIII: General papers

  • The origins of the Roman pilum revisited Jeremy Armstrong 65–74
  • The ‘conflict landscape’ of Kalkriese (Varus Battle AD 9) – archaeological finds and ancient written sources Achim Rost and Susanne Wilbers-Rost75–82

ROMEC XVIIII: The Visual Impact of the Roman Soldier ed. S. Hoss

  • Sharply dressed men: the Roman military belt as fashion item Stefanie Hoss 85–39
  • Get the picture?: Iconography of cheek pieces on Roman Imperial cavalry helmets Eva Rucinski 101–10
  • Embossed or painted? A new study on Roman shield decoration Boris A. N. Burandt 111–16
  • Connected traditions. An unusual spatha scabbard from the Przeworsk culture cemetery in Orenice, central Poland Katarzyna Czarnecka and Wojciech Siciński 117–23
  • Horseshoe-shaped fittings from Gaulish and Germanic sites: equestrian equipment or ‘civilian balteus’? Peter Henrich 125–31
  • Decus et tutamen – the soldier’s ‘glory and defence’ Jennifer Schamper 133–40
  • Just for show? A reexamination of the use of chamfrons by the Roman cavalry Sebastian Schuckelt 141–54
  • Dressed to Drill. The evidence of funerary monuments on Roman centurions’ equipment Ulrich Stockinger 155–81
  • A very Roman practice: copper-alloy decoration in mail garments Martijn A. Wijnhoven 183–96

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