Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 56

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Theme: A House Divided - 1861 first year of the American Civil War
  • Don Effinger and Mike Evans, '1861 A year of optimism'.
  • 'Big Bethel'.
  • 'Tactics of the Civil War'
  • 'Why the Civil War is special'
  • 'Blackburn's ford'
  • 'How Stonewall Jackson got his name'
  • 'Rules and miniatures overview'
  • David Imrie, 'Cadet Gray and Butternut, Painting our cover Vignette'.
  • Paul Darnell, 'Barnstorming the USA - building a barn for the tabletop'
  • Mark Backhouse, 'Ships, Sea and Sandwich - Warwick at Sea'.
  • 'A list too far... - A look at lists, supplements and gaming'.
  • Guy Bowers, '.45 Adventure - Interview with Richard A. Johnson'.
  • 'Let's play Strange Aeons - A playtest of the horror skirmish game'.
  • Dean Motoyama, 'Magnesia - the refight'.
  • Bernhard Isopp - 'Hanseatic Legion'
  • Richard Lloyd - 'Painting War of the Roses'.
  • Reviews of Kamfgruppe Normandy and Beneath Lily Banners 2
  • 'This Gaming Life - Rick Priestley tackles another tricky question on dice'
  • 'Up Front - Richard Clarke looks at Historicon'.
  • Gaming news
  • Book, miniature and board game reviews

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