Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 61

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Theme: Colonial warfare in the 19th century
  • Mike Evans, 'A beginner’s guide to Colonial wargaming - four feathers and a bucket of dice'.
  • Andy Miles, 'The extraordinary adventures of Colonel Marchand's expedition - Fashoda 1898'.
  • Andy Miles, 'Refighting the Battle of the Nyezane Rive, 22 January 1879 - Terribly Earnest Work'.
  • Mark Backhouse, 'Adapting SAGA for the great plains of Africa - Colonial SAGA'.
  • Andy Hawes, 'Ultimate sacrifice on the fields of Afghanistan - The last eleven at Maiwand'.
  • Guy Bowers, 'Interview with Dan Mersey over his game Dux Bellorum'.
  • Jan Gross, 'From concept to wargames convention - the Trojan War in 90 minutes'.
  • Mark Backhouse, 'The pre-conquest campaigns of William I of Normandy 1035-1064 - The Bastard's Battles'.
  • Doctor Joe Legan, 'The Irregular - In defense of 15mm'.
  • Rossco Watkins, 'A look at rule sets for the company-level WWII game - Project company'.
  • Guy Bowers, 'A look at 15mm WWII models - Panzers Los!'.
  • Olivier Perronny, 'Some suitable new buildings for Normandy and beyond - buildings amongst the bocage'.
  • Rick Priestley, 'This Gaming Life’
  • Richard Clarke, 'Up front'.
  • Gaming news
  • Miniature reviews
  • Game Reviews of Pike & Shotte, Grand Battery, Blood Bilge and Iron Balls, SAGA: Northen Fury and A Clash of Empires: Age of Ravens
  • Book and board game reviews

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