Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy 68

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Theme: The Battle of Leipzig and Beyond
  • Roger Murrow, 'Leipzig, Saxony, 14-19 October 1813 - The Battle of the Nations'.
  • Kawe Weissi-Zadeh, 'General Reynier at Grossbeeren - Within walking distance of Berlin'.
  • Guy Bowers, 'The crossing at Dölitz and Markkleeberg - Holding the line at Leipzig'.
  • Gary Mitchell, 'Schliecher, a Prussian Sharpe? - Moonlight Sonata'.
  • Guy Bowers, 'Building your force for Leipzig - Figures pour la gloire!'.
  • Stephen May, 'Painting our very Prussian front cover - I am a Prussian, do you know my colours?'
  • Guy Bowers, 'An interview with Phil Smith - Osprey ventures into games'.
  • Eoghan Kelly, 'Bitesize Battles - Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright'.
  • Mark Backhouse, 'Leach and Hogan at Festubert - With Great Bravery'.
  • Simon Miller, 'Wargaming the Battle of Thapsus - Scipio versus Caesar'.
  • Mike Evans, 'Devil's Advocate - One set to rule them all?'.
  • Paul Burkin, 'Weathering tanks and other vehicles - Tankograd!'.
  • Richard Lloyd, 'The 8th army in plastic - The rats who plagued Rommel'.
  • Paul Cubbin, 'A quick guide to getting the best from your bases - Base, the final frontier'.
  • Paul Burkin and Steve Cooper, 'Let's play: Dead Man's Hand'.
  • Eoghan Kelly, 'Osprey goes VSF - let's play In her Majesty's name'.
  • Rick Priestley, 'This Gaming Life’.
  • Richard Clarke, 'Up front'.
  • Sam Mustafa, 'It's just a game - The allure of complexity'.
  • Gaming news
  • Miniature reviews
  • Game Reviews of By Fire and Sword, About Bonaparte and Argonauts.
  • Book and board game reviews

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